About Us

Mrs. Dasha Vladimirka Dasic, founder and owner of Moderna Aktiv, is on a mission to streamline outsourcing services related to bookkeeping, cloud accounting and finance across the United States.

With over twelve years of experience in the bookkeeping, banking, insurance and marketing sector and with two MBA qualifications with a focus on finance and marketing, she can bring a strong knowledge and expertise that will be highly beneficial to your business.

Mrs. Dasha loves to analyze data, numbers, people and businesses. Besides her love of math, numbers and analytics, Dasha chose accounting because she believes the numbers are the language and the final state of the business. She believes that a bookkeeper is a kind of biographer of your business. The bookkeeper records the financial life of the company. He is your advisor and ally. For a small business, perhaps the most important external collaborator. Someone who is expected to do much more than just keep books. That is why it is important to choose a person you can trust, and on whom you can rely.

As a part of the banking, insurance and marketing sector, Mrs. Dasha possesses an excellent knowledge in IT, Entertainment, Marketing, Non-profit and Services industries.

She had also a passion for expanding company horizons across the United States, client interactions, brainstorming with her motivated team, and some time set aside to read and think.
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